Sunday, April 24, 2016

In and out with as much damage as possible.

Yowza, yowza, yowza.

So this week has been considerably more full of me working again. I knocked out a new short, I'm completely finished with the short I've been working on for class, and I finished another chapter in To Slice The Sky.

So this week's post is that chapter, I don't have much else to talk about. At least nothing exciting.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Making up for lost time.

Okay, I know, I'm a terrible person, I skipped last week. My excuse, I was working on writing instead of blogging.

It's workshop time in my literary fiction class, and I've been working on helping everyone else out so much in class that I left out time for my adoring fans (pst, I mean you. Hey, where are you going?!). So, I apologize, but I finally have work to show you.

So my story I've been working on in class has been through some ups and downs, I have a couple other pieces I've sketched out, but need to go through some drafting processes to flesh them out and get them ready. But as for now, I have one lean mean story ready to rock. I'll post it next week if no further progress is made elsewhere.

Furthermore, on the To Slice The Sky front, I finally finished chapter 5's rewrite. And rewrite it was. I ended up writing in a new scene to replace boring ass exposition, and I realized that the 120 page chapter I had originally divided into 3 parts, has now become 4 parts. I may be shrinking down a lot of chapters in the future as well, and I know I have one complete rewrite of a scene coming up in the not too distant future as well as closer to the end.

I've written dozens of shorts, and I've written a few novellas, but I've never done a rewrite on a project this big. Writing a novel really is a whole different beast, and I feel that breaking it down into smaller parts is the whole way to do it without going crazy. Just thinking of writing out 300 pages worth of crap itself is a huge task. And then you have to chop it up and put it in an order that makes sense to other people and not just the fever dream it was when crapped into this world. I'm just hoping I can keep focused and actually have a 2016 release like I was hoping. We're already halfway through April and I'm still rewriting act one. How ambitious I was in January. At least work is getting done, and I'm not putting it off for a whole year like I did when writing the first draft.

And speaking of all that work, here's the fruits of all my labor for chapter 5 of To Slice The Sky as it stands now. And a bonus dog picture for missing last week.

Sunday, April 3, 2016


So this week was a test of character for me in many ways. I was put in a low esteem position at the ole day job, which I pulled off like a champion. I figure if I'm going to be given grunt work, I'm going to be the best damn grunt you've ever seen.

Well, I completed the Devil May Cry series playthrough. Yay me. Fan fare. I've been streaming my game time for Tom Clancy's The Division and Fallout 4 on my channel:

Now that I'm done with the DMC series, I'm setting my sights back on polishing off Resident Evil, and beginning my Metal Gear Solid playthrough. I'm also going to stream my time playing the TellTale Games collection for XBone, so you get to see what Clementine will remember, and how much of the Wolf I'll let out of Bigby. I hope I have more than two survivors from House Forester next time on Game of Thrones.

I've been plugging away at school, trying to be an A student. This week was a scene expansion in my fiction workshop for the story I'm writing for it. It's still in its infancy, but it's getting pounded into a more pleasing shape, and shaped by populous writing. Hopefully I'm gaining more insight from the square community to write something sellable.

Other than that, I just feel good about life, things are on the up and I'm actively making sure it keeps moving forward with as few setbacks as possible. I'm still shirking novel editing responsibility though.